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Speciality Solutions

• Deployment Shipping
• Sword Storage
• Bayonets
• Night Vision / Optical Sites
• Parachutes
• Radios
• Ammunition
• Cuffs
• Mace
• Mortars
• Belt Lockers

Standard Weapon Solutions

• Pistols
• Tasers
• Glock 22
• Steyrs
• Minimi’s with Spare Barrels
• Mag 58’s with Spare Barrels
• M2 with Spare Barrels
• 84mm Carl Gustav
• M79’s
• Mark 19
• M4/M16
• Remington

Standard Weapon Solutions

• All Shot Guns
• All Machine Guns
• All Sniper Riffles

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  • Cut weapons counting and inventory checks by HALF
  • We are continually developing and evolving new products to suit your needs
  • If the weapon changes, don’t change the system, just the component
  • Safe and secure storage for all your weapons
  • Supported globally with a network which is SECOND TO NONE

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Products for Defence and law enforcement including gun storage, gun cabinet, gun safes, armoury, rifle cabinets, sword, bayonet, handguns.

Weapons Cabinets & Racks
Expandable Weapons Storage


weapons cabinets & racks expandable weapons storage  
A unique storage solution specified for both the military and law enforcement communities, where ‘security’ and ‘hidden from sight’ are important. Designed for land based and shipboard mounted installations with secure to the floor/deck via an anchoring system. Expandable Weapons Racks the ideal answer for small or large scale secured armories and vaults, and has been specified for both land based installations as well as shipboard armories to ensure gun safety.  
Stackable Weapons Racks Bi-Fold Weapons Racks  
stackable weapons racks bi-fold weapons racks  
Stackable Weapons Racks is a type of gun cabinets storage specified for both large and small scale weapons storage projects. Heavy duty gun storage, stackable Bi-Fold Weapons Racks are now available.  
Stackable Weapons Lockers M2 Racks  

stackable weapons lockers

m2 racks  
Individual or smaller requirements on gun cabinets and safes now have a solution with the Stackable Weapons Lockers. The M2 Rack is a compact all steel and unique secure gun cabinet storage system designed specifically for M2 .50 Cal light machine guns.  
Carl Gustav Secure Weapons Cabinets Mobile Weapons Storage  

carl gustav secure weapons cabinets

mobile weapons storage  
Carl Gustav Secure Weapons Cabinets are specially designed to store Carl Gustav M2/M3 Weapons. A highly versatile and efficient way of moving weapons of many types at one time. Ideally suited for use within a military, police and forensic type environment.  
Taser Storage Components  

taser storage

weapons components

Store multiple Taser types in this I.W.S.P. (Intergrated Weapon Storage Platform). From the X26 and M26 with or without holsters to the X12 Mossberb shotgun, with or without an attached X26 mounted the Picatinny rail system. Components is truly a unique and integrated weapons storage system comprising of four weapons storage solutions to ensure reliable gun safety.  
Secure Cabinets with Compartments  Lockers  

secure cabinets multifile 

locker multifile  
Ideal for Check Points, Security Stations. Used By Police, Customs, Prisons, Airports Etc Constable/Military/Duty